Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Me and Erik went to Montreal last week for a little getaway, as it is such an inspirational art treat of a city. We stumbled upon the Silophone and Erik took some video of me singing into it. So much fun! I think this is one of the best public art projects I have ever seen. The fact that you can participate is extraordinary. I was also amazed at how well kept and clean the area was, no chips in the concrete or graffiti. An great deal was to get an art/subway pass good for three days. We rode the metro everywhere and went to at least 5 museums, got into special exhibitions at no cost and the botanical gardens. I really can't say enough about how tourist friendly and art filled this city is.

Monday, September 13, 2010

American Made in American Style Magazine!

If you pick up the Fall issue of American Style, you will see a detail shot of American Made. More online.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fiber Art International 2010

My suit "American Made" is in FI 2010. It is an honor to be in this show, in the good company of fantastic fiber artists from around the globe. The conference and catalog surrounding the exhibition were well-put together, and visiting Pittsburgh is always a joy. What a wonderful city. I had time to walk through several neighborhoods when I was there, and in every one of them, there was an open window where a classical musician was playing. Even in my friend Joanne's home, her husband Layo is a musician from Venezuala, so I heard him practicing with his traditional music group. It was like one long dance through the city every day.

I also need to comment on the many wonderful artists I met. Everyone had a chance to share something about their work during the Fiber Art Forum. I have never been part of a show where there was so much interest in everyone else, and the willingness to share techniques and stories. I have a lot of new friends! In particular, I learned a lot about paper making from a fellow New Englander, Jennifer Davies, that Canada has an intriguing lottery system from felter Andrea Graham, and what it is REALLY like to live in Hawaii (firework mania and bugs that can move furniture) from Leisa Rich.

To see more about the show and the artists:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Material Desires opens tonight!

2/11/10 – 3/13/10 Material Desires Rebecca Siemering guest-curator
Jenine Bressner
Lynne Harlow
Peter Lutz
Jennifer Maestre
Barbara Owen
Islay Taylor

Bright work for a dull season. At the tail-end of winter, we all get a little stir crazy, waiting for the colors of spring to pop again. Craftland Gallery will be filled with primary colors and patterns to thaw the mental freeze of winter. Colored pencils, fabric, glass and paint will fill the gallery with eye-popping warmth and wonder.

Opening reception for Material Desires is Thursday, February 11th from 5-8pm.