Thursday, April 5, 2012


Back in the studio finishing unfinished things. My daughter pulled a book about origami off the shelf today. She pulls out lots of books these days, but this one caught my eye. I have had a dilemma for a year now about creating a different heel for a pair of boots I am making for a friend. I made an art trade in 2010 with my friend Michael Aaron McAllister. I still owe him a pair of boots. I got pregnant right around the promise, then had Asha. I finally have moments where I can think for long periods of time again re:early bedtime for baby.

I wanted a particular angle to the heel. I mean, a FAB heel, as the new owner would is fabulous. The heel is the thing that gives each boot piece life..a suggested arc of movement. Flipping through the book I started paying attention to the diagrams. The line of one finally made me go,"Oh,that's the way it should fold...." Finally. So simple I could not see it. I played with a piece of scrap paper and there it is.

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