Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1,300 cans of beer on the wall, soda and tea cans as well...take one down., pass it around

So as of today, I have 1,300 separate pieces done. 350 to go for the big installation next Friday. Whew! I hope to be done this weekend so I can gear up for the planting.

A note about the difference in cans:

Having collected beer, soda, Goya, Red Bull and Arizona Iced Tea cans, I am surprised that each one has a different thickness. I thought there would be similar gauge by regulation. When I first started cutting them up, beer cans had the thinnest walls, then soda, iced tea/fruit drink cans had thicker walls, almost impossible to cut. I am wondering if the fruit flavorings are so acidic that the cans need to be thicker. Then I started thinking if the fruit drinks are eating away at the cans, what's going on when we drink them? Anyone have any answers for me?

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Ted James said...

I think beer cans have to be thinner because so many of them are discarded in the wooded areas of suburban communities nationwide, far more than the number of soda or juice cans.

Apparently drinking juice in the woods is just not as appealing to teens.