Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just me, the birds and the June bugs

Well, I needed to wait for the grass to be mowed, so I started this evening, which was just fine. I had an idea it would take me at least 4 hrs. to set up the larger part of the field. It took me a little longer than that, and I still have a tiny bit tomorrow, but I'm not so off the mark.

A cemetary is not just a place for mourning the dead, as it provides a natural respite within the city for wildflife. This became more apparent than normal as I was setting up and could be quiet and observe. I felt besieged by Robins. The grass is so dry, I could not figure out what they were eating until dusk and I could take off my sunglasses. Apparently it's mating season for June bugs and they were having a lovely time in the grass! There are many other birds besides Robins who make happy homes in the trees and bushes. I have seen Junkos, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Grackels, Starlings, Chickadees, Pigeons and a Blue Heron to name a few.

By the time I shot a little bit of video with my Cannon Elph, the windy part of the day had died down. It was too bad, as there was a lovely tinkly and tinny noise, just what I want. The heat had finally gone down and the moon was just rising overhead. I really enjoy looking at this installation by taking thr long the distance of the field, the bells begin to look like floating stars or fire flies. It wasmy intention to make a piece that not only made sound, but was visually potent. I love viewing and listening to sound art, but when the technology breaks, or the parts don't work anymore, is it still art? I wonder this often when I view installations in museums. I don't wnat anywone thinking that with mine!

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