Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dive in.

This week's piece is about retaining mystery.

Last week, I had a confluence of events and thoughts. I went to see photographer Joe Deal's New Work show at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Mainly known for his large and expansive views of the Plains states and Western America, he has recently turned to photographing cave structures, specifically the mouths of them. There were a few I found particularly striking, staring into an abyss of darkness. The dark tones of the photographs became a mirror, and caused a reflection of me within the darkness. The second event was me doodling around on Facebook, and looking around at what friends were up to. A high school friend of mine, Violet Clark wrote on her page, "The Need For Approval Is The Enemy Of Art." Violet is an artist and musician, and I am assuming she was having one of those moments where too many people want to tell you what you should be doing. As an artist, I have had those moments, and so have friends. Working in the art world, you get surprises you would never expect. The simplest art can can cause the strongest reactions. It started me thinking how no art would be made if we did not jump past all of the eyes and into the abyss.

So here is my homage to art making. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and listen to nothing else; let it shine; let it burn. I made three versions of this piece before paring it down. When you see it, there is a place for your mind to rest, and no-one has to know what you are thinking.

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