Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guess Whoooooooooo's Coming to Lunch?

On October 9, Downtown Providence had an infrequent guest-a stippled barred owl- which sat in a birch tree in Financial Plaza,sleeping, resting, and causing a stir among the workers and lunchers below it. So what does it mean,having this night creature appear in such a public place? The owl was probably resting before starting a hunt in Kennedy Plaza or the streets later on in the evening. Of course, there is much symbolism placed on owls-symbols of wisdom, symbolic of guiding souls to the land of the dead among others. Whatever one makes of this surprise visit, let's enjoy it.Mr. Owl will be resting high in the corner, watching over the progress of the piece, and extending his stay.

Me and the owl will be in the wondow for a late lunch (1:30) on Thursday, September 15.

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